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About us

Law Clinic Münster e.V. (LCM) is an initiative founded and run by students of Münster University. Unfortunately it appears that some people are excluded from legal services due to financial and/or social barriers. Our aim is to help those people by offering them free legal advise and administrative help.

Our Vision

Law students supported by fully trained advocates give advice to the ones in need by cooperating with the charity organization "Caritasverband für die Stadt Münster e.V.". Students participating in the Law Clinic have the chance to enhance their knowledge in practical terms while at the same time supporting and facilitating the pro bono legal service of our cooperating advocates. 

The Law Clinic Münster e.V. does not compete with local attorneys. It is directed at those people that otherwise would not have access to legal services at all. Our pro bono legal services shall connect legal advise with people-oriented, personal counselling and help in administrative matters. 

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