Student Legal Service

  Student Legal Service

How to get Legal Advice:

1. Registration Form

As a first step, you need to fill out the registration form of Law Clinic Münster.  You have to provide your contact details, a short description of the judicial matter that you need help with and a proposed date for  consultation with us. We will then determine whether we have the capacity to deal with your matter and whether it is eligible for our advise. Matters relating to criminal law and judicial representation are generally excluded . The service is limited to refugees and people in need as defined in § 53 AO (Abgabenordnung  = Regulation of Taxation) which do not have access to legal advise due to financial and/or social barriers.

The registration form can be filled in during the consultation hours of the Caritasverband.

2. Schedule an appointment

If we take up your matter, we will make an appointment for the consultation hour of the Law Clinic Münster. We will either confirm the date you chose on the registration form or will offer an alternative in case we are already fully booked on that date.

3. Consultation

The consultation will take place during our consultation hours, which are offered regularly. Two law students and one fully trained advocate will be  present at our first meeting with you. To begin with, we will go over the terms and conditions of the counselling and then proceed with a clarification of your issue. As a next step, our team will conduct research concerning your matter and contact you for another appointment during which the findings will be presented to you. If necessary, further meetings may take place. The advise given is free of charge.

What you can expect from our legal advise:

Our legal service is conducted by law students together with fully trained advocates. Participating students are instructed by trained advocates as defined in § 6 RDG (law on legal services). We are determined to proceed your matter in the best and quickest way possible. However, we have to remind you that the legal services offered by Law Clinic Münster e.V. cannot be guaranteed to meet the standards of legal counselling offered by a fully trained advocate. This is due to the involvement of law students who have not yet completed their legal education. Their work is solely voluntarily. If your matter is extremely urgent, we therefore recommend you to contact a regular advocate directly and not make use of the services provided by us.

Rules of Professional Practice of the legal profession do not apply to our legal counselling. As a consequence, members of Law Clinic Münster e.V. are – other than advocates – not subject to the lawyers duty of secrecy and cannot invoke a right to refuse to give evidence as defined in § 53 Nr.3 StPO (German Code of Criminal Procedure) during criminal or civil procedures. Furthermore, the liability risk is not covered by a lawyer's professional liability insurance. 

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